21 Mostafa Kamel Str, Tobaz Palace Building 5th floor, Smouha

Alexandria, Egypt.

Tel: +203-4041136

Fax: +203-4041136


Kuwait Petroleum

Known by our trade market  Q8, 

refines and markets fuel, lubricants and other petroleum derivatives outside Kuwait. Our main activities are focused on Europe and the Far East.

The OKS brand stands for 

high-performance products for reducing friction, wear and corrosion. Our tribological know-how ensures that your machines and systems operate efficiently even under the most demanding circumstances at all times.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV

A dynamic company based in The Netherlands, producing and marketing specialty lubricants and greases. We have our own way of working which is very direct and customer focused.

Lubrication Engineering 

specialized in development and manufacturing of special lubricants and more specifically perfluorinated lubricants.

The Roloil brand stands for 

Increasingly specialized products, A group of engineers from the Experimental Oil and Fuel Station, united by the same interests for research and experimentation, ".



EIS started business in 2008.

EIS recognized as a reliable, efficient & committed business partner in the Lubricants industry.

Providing Top-quality products with competitive prices to meet all needs of the industrial consumers.

Our employees established for EIS an excellent reputation as a partner in trade & industry.


By understanding your needs, We can simply find the best solution for all your lubrication requirements.

Our products are chosen to solve the world's severe duty lubricating problems. Designed for optimum lubricating & energy saving solutions & supported by internationally experts in lubrication products & services.      






For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +203-4041136 or fill out the following form

Head Office

21 Mostafa Kamel Str, Tobaz Palace Building 5th floor, Smouha

Alexandria, Egypt.

Tel: +203-4041136

Fax: +203-4041136


To apply for a job with EIS, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Mobile: (010) 21073685

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